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Why multi-genre?


Why do you write for so many different age groups and in so many different genres? It’s a question I hear frequently.

Why do it when there are so many much wiser people telling you not to? Genre jumping isn’t good for branding. A reader wants to know what to expect. And if it’s not good for branding, it’s not good for sales. How can you expect readers to follow you down those twisty paths?

Besides, it sounds like a multi-vitamin. A little of this mixed with a lot of that.

I know.

My only defense is Curiosity. Curiosity leads to the idea. And there are so many things to be curious about in this world.

Hopefully, readers still recognize my fingerprints on a story. My writing tends to be atmospheric, with a strong sense of place. It often bumps up against fantasy or myth and involves a protagonist who is struggling to discover who they are. There’s a thread of familiar themes. But as soon as I make that list, I break the criteria. The idea for the board books Big Ideas for Little Philosophers and the forthcoming Little Environmentalists felt important and challenging, but it doesn’t fit that criteria.

I’ve always loved reading cross genre books, books that blend themes and elements from different genres. Cross fantasy with historical, add an element of romance/adventure and you’ve got me hooked. I write what I like to read. Hopefully a few readers will follow my breadcrumb trail.


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